Customer experience

We bring creative thinking to help organisations develop their customer experience strategies - from developing aligned vision, values and purpose, to identifying barriers and challenges across technologies, people and processes.



We were asked to build the capabilities of their client staff team, to enhance the customer experience across all aspects of their partnership. The objective was to translate the mission into guiding principles to impact behaviour at the point of delivery.

Customer journey mapping / Persona development / Touchpoint rationalisation / Communications materials



We worked with teams across all service areas, to develop their business plans and strategic aspirations for the next 3 years. This involved creating new ways of thinking and working to address the changing market and customer needs.

Customer journey mapping / Building delivery capability / Creating shared aspirations / Shaping strategy


mint cocktail company

We worked with this entrepreneurial start up Mint Cocktail Company, to build a framework of customer-led user experience that ensured all touchpoint reflected the 'prefect cocktail serve'.

Brand identity / Customer service process / Operational and Business consultancy



As part of our role in assisting the integration of SPI into the npower family, we were asked to shape and develop their proposition into the social housing market, by aligning their offer to the strategic drivers and aspiration of the sector and its supply chain.

Leadership capability / Strategy development / Vision and purpose / Conferences / Events / Workshops



We supported this new start-up in developing its strategic direction, to build a successful and sustainable business through enhanced customer experience.

Crafting a compelling brand story / Building a brand narrative and internal culture / Developing data and insights to build service improvements / Enhancing service across all touch points